SpiritLife Ministries - David & Greta Peters

SpiritLife Ministries is a contemporary prophetic/teaching ministry, whose aim is to:


  • Spread the gospel of salvation available through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ


  • Release people into life transforming encounters with the Holy Spirit


  • Inspire churches, businesses, and individuals to have unwavering hope despite hardships, disappointments, and the troubled times we live in


  • Encourage, advise, and support pastors and leaders


  • Regularly conduct Schools of the Supernatural and other seminars that train Christians to pray for the sick, prophesy, and function in other areas of Holy Spirit ministry

School of the Supernatural


"David and Greta speak regularly at Church Unlimited where they provide a significant addition to the ministry through their prophetic, healing and teaching anointing. They are uniquely gifted to mobilise the body of Christ and to equip believers to function in the supernatural power of God. Their humility, integrity and Christlike character are inspiring. They really do walk the talk. I would highly recommend their ministry to you."

Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor, Church Unlimited, Auckland, NZ 


“David has ministered at LIFE, in many different settings over a number of years and has been an incredible blessing to us. His gift to the body of Christ in communication and ministering on healing, the prophetic and the Holy Spirit is fresh and relevant. We support, believe in and endorse the ministry he and Greta carry for the body of Christ.”

Paul de Jong, Senior Pastor, Life Church, Auckland, NZ 


"David's roots were originally in Elim New Zealand but his ministry has developed both internationally and cross-denominationally. My understanding is that everywhere he and Greta have ministered within Elim in the UK their input has brought inspiration, insight, challenge and blessing."

John Glass, Former National Leader, Elim Churches of Great Britain.


"Full of gripping personal stories that made me weep and worship. I was encouraged and instructed by the great wisdom set down in these pages."


John Dawson, President
Youth With A Mission

"In this brilliant book, David does not shy away from any aspect of truth, and despite the solemnity of the subject matter, it is full of life and hope.  I would highly recommend it for all, Christian and non-Christian alike."

Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor,

Church Unlimited,

New Zealand.



SpiritLife Ministries - David & Greta Peters