Paul Bennetts, Senior Pastor, Life Church, Christchurch, NZ
"Thank you both so much for your ministry with us last weekend. It was a very timely visit in the life of the church. The School of the Supernatural was excellent. It had a really good balance between teaching and practical experience, and there was a great sense of the presence of God in the sessions. Many were touched by the Lord and empowered in turn to minister. The feedback from those who attended has been very positive. I appreciated the way in which you spoke into the life of the church during the weekend. Your insight and encouragement was really helpful. During your time with us you affirmed us in many of our core values, either prophetically or in conversation and I found that particularly encouraging."


Paricipant - School of the Supernatural
"Wow, what a wonderful night! I was so touched by God tonight and He has encouraged me, restored me, annointed me. He gave me a new heart, a new vision and a new ministry! My heart overflows with joy and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us over the next few weeks!!Thanks for giving us time to wait on the Lord. It was wonderful to soak in His presence and not to be rushed!"


Participant - School of the Supernatural
"Just want to say thank you for the School of Supernatural course, it really opened my eyes to a lot of things and made me realize what's really going on. At the course it was the first time ever that when I have prayed for someone that they got healed and that actually meant a lot to me. It really BOOSTED my faith to HIGHER level. I would just like to say thank you to you and your team for the awesome teaching and just want to add that God is really using you and it shows."


Dennis Flett (Rev. Minister, Knox Church Waitara)
"David and Greta were with us this last weekend for a School of the Supernatural. What a weekend. As a church, we have never done anything like this before. Their ministry brought a fresh sense of the presence of God. Many people were ministered to, across a wide denominational spectrum; Presbyterian, Anglican, and Pentecostal. However, I think the most significant aspect of their ministry was that they encouraged “hands on” participation in the ministry of healing, empowerment, impartation, and prophecy. Both of them came across as people of integrity, with an understanding of the dark and often painful side of our human predicament, and in so doing, they encouraged us to give ourselves more fully to God. 

On Sunday, David preached a word that was so appropriate for where we were at as a church, and as a result a critical decision that had to be discussed and processed that afternoon, passed with unanimous consent by the congregation. Thank you for allowing David and Greta come to us."


Brian Hagger, Pastor, Elim Christian Centre, Tokoroa
"On Friday night and Saturday 16/17 October, 2009 Elim Christian Centre in Tokoroa was the venue for a "School of the Supernatural" with David and Greta. We had 33 people in attendance at the School. 

What happened? We had a supernatural visitation with God over the weekend. The most important aspect for me as pastor was that the people were given Biblical instruction and were equipped to do the work of the ministry. We were grounded with the scriptures on "basic" Christian principles to do that which God has instructed us to do. 

Through the "School of the Supernatural", Elim Christian Centre has had the truth declared and the saints are better equipped and ready to go and reach out to the community in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit."


Young person, Cornerstone Christian Centre, London, England
"My name is Ben, and I'm twelve years old. When you were ministering at Cornerstone a few weeks ago, I played the drums in the worship. I went out to help with the childeren's work, but luckily was called back in to play a final worship song before the end.

I decided to go and stand at the edge of the stage for prayer and I was touched by the Holy Spirit. You told me everything I needed to hear at that moment, and I broke down in tears. It was like a confirmation that God knows, and cares. I was truly encouraged, and I have been a very different person since. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and allowing God to work through you so as to change peoples lives. That experience of God has transformed the way I think about prayer, and God generally. I have even gone into school and 'saved' somebody at the back of the library!!"


Pastor Nga Fei, International City Church, Brisbane, Australia
"I just want to write to note to say how much we appreciated your ministry. Both of you have been such a blessing to the “Tell the World” Conference and the church. Your messages were truly words in season, which have brought confirmation and encouragement to where the church is heading. Most of all, we were blessed by your beautiful spirits."


Pastor Steve Garland, Elim Church, Coromandel
"It has been a privilege to have David & Greta minister here at Coromandel Elim Church. At both Sunday services, our people were deeply moved by God’s presence as the ministry of the word and Holy Spirit worked in us and among us. At the morning service a number of people testified that they had been healed of various ailments.

During the evening meeting some who had been repressed through abuse in their childhood were instantly set free. People’s response to God was very evident! At one point the Holy Spirit moved so quickly among both young and old all at once, healing relationships and issues of the heart. The magnitude of His presence was life changing for many. Our young people have been particularly impacted, it was a pure joy to witness them in tears, hugging and praying together. Since David and Greta’s ministry the youth have really stepped forward, they have been revived! It feels like it’s a new day for all of us! Thank you guys, your ministry and prophetic anointing are changing lives."


Church Member, Tauranga
“I was miraculously healed through prayer of an arthritic hip which had been gradually getting worse and I have been pain free for the first time in 24 years. I am truly amazed by this miracle, but my Saviour hadn’t finished with me, because I came up the front for a second healing. I had been going through a difficult and long menopause of nearly 8 years and God healed me. Gone are the frequent hot flushes and night sweats and I’m now able to enjoy calm moods because the mood swings are also gone. I thank my Saviour Jesus Christ for healing me.”


David Peters

The young woman had come forward for prayer at a church on the North Shore of Auckland. She explained that ever since she had given birth to her baby thirteen weeks before, she had experienced constant pelvic pain that made even walking painful.

After I prayed for her for a few minutes, I asked, “On a scale of zero to one hundred percent, what improvement is there?” “About forty percent,” she replied. As I prayed again, I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me to declare over her that, “It is not God’s will for you to be sick!”

The moment I did, the power of God came upon her; she bent over, and started shaking. This went on for a minute or two and I just watched in wonder as God set her free. I then asked her to stand up and walk again. She did so without any pain at all. After so many weeks of unremitting pain, tears and a broad smile signaled her relief. As I watched her walk away I felt privileged to have learned a great lesson: it was at the moment she believed that God did not want her sick that faith for healing came.


David Peters
"A man in Christchurch City Elim reported healing of a painful back condition after prayer. He had badly injured his L4 and L5 vertebrae in an accident in 1997. The pain was so great he was initially on forty painkillers a day, and in recent years seven a day. The injury also affected his left leg. Two operations failed to correct the condition, and physiotherapy did not help. During prayer, he felt heat in his back, and the pain left him completely. The next day he was able to hop out of bed without discomfort for the first time in years, has been gardening, and generally enjoying his new freedom."

The lady came up to me excitedly at the end of the meeting at Tauranga City Elim church. “I’ve been healed!” she exclaimed. Her husband stood next to her, his face beaming. She had been prayed for during the ministry time, the power of the Holy Spirit touched her and she had fallen over. “I was in a car accident last October,” she went on to explain, “and it left me with very little movement in my neck, and constant pain and headaches. While I was on the floor, I suddenly noticed that I could fully move my neck and that all the pain had gone!”


Church Member, Christchurch
“You may not remember me, but nearly two years ago you prayed for me at Christchurch City Elim Church as I was losing my eyesight & within 7 days of being prayed for God had restored my sight completely. Every day I thank God that I can see again, & that God used you & Jane to pray for me I am a social worker in a youth residential home for teenagers with mental illness. It was November 2000 that I had to renew my "P" endorsement driving license for my work. I was alarmed at the time as I could not read the eye chart & was sent off to see the optician & then to see an eye specialist. I was to learn that I had macular degeneration in both eyes, (a condition that affects people in old age) & that I needed to prepare myself as I would lose my sight within 6mths to 2 years. That's when David, you & Jane prayed for me after the end of the service. I wanted to come up during the service but I felt there were other people more deserving to be healed than me. Within 24 hours I felt things were clearer & by the following Sunday I could even read the phone book. Praise God!!"


Church Member
“I have been praying for my younger brother to find his way back to God for more than 15 years. Your sermon on us doing the steadilies and God doing the suddenlies has been the greatest encouragement. I held on to that promise, when it seemed as if the steadilies are coming to no suddenlies. But God did Suddenly in such a powerful, gentle, beautiful and definite way: He heard when my brother hit rock bottom and whispered a desperate 'help me' and in a matter of seven days my brother gave his life to Jesus, was prayed for for deliverance, reconciled with his wife, walked into a church he attended a while ago, asked if he could give his testimony and told the stunned congregation that he was addicted to pornography and was unfaithful - and that deliverance from evil is as real as evil itself. The leadership of the church then all rallied around him and anointed him and his family and someone brought a word - he and his wife will have a ministry of restoration to many. How is that for God being God.”


Auckland Businessman
“[My wife] and I were blown away with the biz seminar at the weekend. I was just impacted so heavily by the Holy Spirit, and went forward for prayer. David Peters did not know who I was, but his prophecy for me was just so accurate and timely.... he said that I would influence lots of people. The results were immediate: I awoke at 4am on Sunday with great excitement and lots of ideas for web sites. I was given ideas and concepts for web sites ...and even the names and contents to reach thousands around the world. I could not get back to sleep, so brought the laptop to bed, woke my wife and together we registered and started to create some websites for both of our businesses. Creating these sites is something we have talked about for ages, but thanks to the biz seminar it has enabled us to be impacted and helped by God in fresh new ways.”


Prophets’ and Pastors’ Conference delegate
“Thank you so much for all you poured into us over the last two days. I felt you brought a new understanding and appreciation between pastors and prophets - a work of reconciliation in hearts. Your link between pain and the prophetic helped me to understand my own life a lot better and to thank God for the hard things. And your examples of how the prophetic has brought life really inspired me. Our boys were really excited about the prophecies you had for them. Thank you so much!"


Pastor Dan Bell, Integrity Christian Centre, Henderson
“Pastor David’s teaching brought tremendous healing, clarity and encouragement to people at every level of the Christian journey. His love for the Holy Spirit is evident and I believe there was a dynamic impartation into the very fabric of our Church culture. David carries a very loving prophetic mantle that is sound, edifying and accurate.”


Melvin Pillay, Student, MTC

“All glory to God. I left the corporate world and followed God’s call to MTC. For months, I wrestled with being out of the business field and heading into full-time ministry. Every time I thought of this, I was saddened inside because I was very successful in business. A few weeks prior to David’s ministry day with us, I asked God to show me which path I should follow - business or ministry. I even mentioned it to my mentor on the day David ministered to me. Through David’s prophetic word about business and ministry being one, God pointed out to me exactly what He wanted of me - business and ministry combined. I praise God for this and feel in my heart this is God’s will as it has been confirmed."


Principal, Auckland Ministry Training College

“We really enjoyed the ministry of both Jane and David, and God spoke very clearly to the students.   In one case a Korean man, who had told me he wanted to stop worship leading at College and the church- despite an unmistakable gifting - was told that God wanted him to sing.  Jane shared how God really wanted to hear him singing and she appealed strongly to him to use his voice for God.  This without her knowing the situation.  He came up to me later and said he was willing to sing, and so his ministry is back in business."


Church Member

“I just had to write and tell you how you have been such an encouragement to me.  As I've battled for believing in our dream and coping with my health, it just encourages me so much to see the lives that you guys are living. I really enjoyed your sermon on Overcoming Disappointments, and prior to that I could see Jane singing 'You're more than enough for me' and I thought how can I complain to the Lord?  Thank you for being so transparent and honest and sharing your lives with us."


Denis Clark, Leader, Hamilton Business Edge

“Your input, knowledge and understanding of the scriptures were enjoyed by us all.  Thank you for your fortitude in (prophetic) ministry – great words, great insight, and much encouragement.  There were a few for whom that sort of ministry was a first and you made it easy for them by your gentle style.  Thank you for your time and input.  We will never be the same.  It will be business, but not as usual.”


Businessman, Auckland Business Edge

“David’s message was simple and incisive.  Business should be about faith, risk and adventure but the truth is that most of the time business directors are trying to create comfort, security and cut out risk. Hearing God, as David said, is the edge.  So, thank you for giving of your heart, time and energy for me and the others who were there. You have built something of God's heart and purpose into our lives.”