How We Equip

SpiritLife Ministries is a prophetic/teaching ministry that believes in the equipping of God’s people for service in all spheres of life according to Ephesians 4:11-12.


To this end, David and Greta minister in local churches, speak at local and national conferences, minister at leadership gatherings, and run various seminars which are detailed below.

SpiritLife Ministries conducts various equipping seminars to help people grow stronger in their walk with God and operate naturally in the power of the Holy Spirit in everyday life.


Mostly these seminars run in local churches over a Friday evening and Saturday 9am to 3pm, though times vary slightly for nations outside New Zealand.


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Costs in New Zealand are $30 adults, $55 couples, and $20 students. Prices vary overseas.


Listed below are the Seminars that Spiritlife Ministries conducts:

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