"David and Greta have travelled the UK each year for many years, ministering deeply into Elim churches. I know - as both a pastor in whose church they have ministered and a national leader of Elim - the quality of thier hearts in the prophetic and healing. They add to the environment in which they minister and teach, andn I recommend them as godly and anointed servants of God."

Stuart Blount, Director of Ministry, Elim Churches of Great Britain and Ireland.


 "David's roots were originally in Elim New Zealand but his ministry has developed both internationally and cross-denominationally. My understanding is that everywhere he and Greta have ministered within Elim in the UK their input has brought inspiration, insight, challenge and blessing."

John Glass, Former National Leader, Elim Churches of Great Britain and Ireland. 


“David is an anointed preacher and teacher of God’s word, but the power in David’s ministry comes from his incredible personal journey of faith. His pathway of prayer and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit has resulted in many finding faith in Jesus Christ.”

Luke Brough, Senior Minister, Former National Leader, Elim Churches of New Zealand 


“David is a veteran Christian leader, characterised by dignity, humility, strength of resolve, love, and humour, who lives to honour the good in others.”

John Dawson, President, Youth with a Mission 


“I have known David for many years and have seen in him a tested and unwavering faith . . . a faith that is fueled by a hope that is founded upon the surest thing on this earth--the promises of a God who cannot lie.”

Ray Comfort, author, TV co-host of ‘The Way of the Master.’ Los Angeles, USA 


“I was blown away with the business seminar at the weekend. David did not know who I was, but his prophecy for me was just so accurate and timely. The results were immediate: I awoke at 4am on Sunday with great excitement and was given ideas for web sites, and even the names and contents to reach thousands around the world.”

Auckland Businessman